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Towing a Car or Truck across the United States? You Came to the Right Place!…
Are you looking for a safe and secure way to transport your auto? Are you looking for an auto transport company that you can depend on – that works to earn your business by delivering top-notch customer service,and specializes in using the finest auto carriers in the country, that provide door to door service with free insurance included?

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State to State Towing Quotes

Long Distance Towing provides custom towing quotes to and from every location in the United States. When we give a quote to tow a clients car or truck we really take the time to understand your individual circumstance. Budget, pick updates, delivery dates and availability are all things we consider when pricing your move. State to state towing is something we do every day & our fleet of long distance transporters are simply the best in the business. Whether your car is worth $500 or $5,000,000 our shipping companies are licensed, bonded and insured for the full value of your vehicles.  Even if you have a brand new Bugatti! We’ve shipped it all!

Some companies have automating pricing calculators because they haven’t been in business long enough to price their jobs accurately. These computerized quotes can sometimes lead to outrageously high prices or the classic low ball quotes. Both of which can cause unnecessary stress to the auto transport process. If the price is to low no carriers will be willing to pick up the vehicle and this can lead to increased costs before pick up and obviously no one wants to pay more money than they have to.

Towing Estimate Calculator

All of our shipping quotes are done directly by our owners who have a combined 20 years experience in the industry. The algorithm in our online car towing calculator above, provides estimated auto transport quotes when you fill out the form. The car shipping calculator doesn’t always give the exact rate because it can’t determine supply and demand. So make sure to call and speak to our logistics coordinators to get the exact car shipping rate. All of our drivers are now delivering cars with social distancing in mind and you will be receiving white glove service during the entire transport from driveway to driveway. You can also rest assured that the car transport quote you receive is accurate and true. Your auto transport quote will include all costs including gas, tax, tolls, & door to door service and full insurance on every vehicle with a zero deductible to you! After factoring the size of your vehicle, distance from major highways, fuel prices and the going rates on your route you will receive an auto transport quote from our towing calculator that is as cheap as possible while still being fair the actual trucking company so your vehicle will be picked up in the time frame you need. 

Long Distance Towing Rate Quotes

To ship a car via enclosed car transport if you have a luxury or classic car please visit our enclosed page here.

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