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North Carolina is a state located in the Southeastern United States, situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains. It’s home to various landscapes, including barrier islands, beaches, mountains, and hills, making it a great state to spend time outdoors. 

Furthermore, North Carolina is deep with American culture and history as it’s one of the original thirteen colonies. The state is home to Charlotte in the southwest, Raleigh in the center, and Kitty Hawk on the coast, among many other beautiful places. 

As you can see, North Carolina has a lot to offer, so there’s no wonder why so many people flock there each year. And if you’re one of those people who are headed to the Tar Heel State and need auto transport services, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’ll look at everything you should know about North Carolina car shipping companies.

North Carolina Car Shipping Companies

Shipping your automobile to or from North Carolina is easier than ever! And the truth is that the mention of this state hits home for lots of people. So, suppose you’re one of many moving to North Carolina for its gorgeous Appalachian mountains, quaint seaside towns, Chapel Hill, or any other reason. In that case, there are many car shipping companies ready to help. 

How Does North Carolina Car Shipping Work?

Most auto transport companies in North Carolina will be more than happy to help with your move. You simply contact the company of your choosing and then coordinate pickup and drop-off times and dates. North Carolina car shipping companies will help you plan the move from start to finish and ensure that your car is delivered right where you need it. 

What To Know Before Using North Carolina Car Shipping Companies

When you’re in the market to chip a vehicle to or from North Carolina, here are some essential tips to remember: 

  • Research the area: One thing that makes North Carolina special is that each larger city is split up into many smaller, unique rural regions. The first thing you should do is research the specific area where you’ll be located. This way, you’ll be familiar with local landmarks and sites you need to explore. 
  • Determine your pickup and drop-off locations: Does the North Carolina car shipping company you chose have an option for door-to-door drop-off, or will you have to get the car from a local depot? These items are essential to know before ever booking auto transport services. 
  • Clean your car before shipment: Be sure to clean your car out, removing any household or personal items before it’s picked up. Doing this allows you to make sure nothing is lost or damaged during transport. In fact, most reliable carriers will make you sign a waiver before your shipment leaves to protect them against lost items. 

How Much Do North Carolina Car Shipping Companies Charge?

It’s always recommended to keep in mind that auto transport services are based on supply and demand, so there are certain times of the year when the demand is higher. You’ll find that many customers ship their vehicles during the warmer months, especially long distances. This is understandable because the movement of other personal belongings is usually tied to auto shipping services. Most customers know that colder weather makes it more challenging to travel and do manual labor, especially if snow or ice is present. 

If you’re looking to save money on North Carolina car shipping companies, it’s better to move your car during the colder months. Be sure to ask the company you choose if they offer any type of seasonal offerings, as these are used by the company to encourage customers to book their service and ignore the weather. 

Other things to keep in mind that affect the price of auto transport are: 

  • The distance of the move.
  • Are your pickup and drop-off locations in easily accessible spots?
  • The type of transport you choose – open or enclosed. 
  • What type of vehicle you’re moving – the larger and heavier the car, the more it will cost.

Examples of North Carolina Car Shipping Companies

Now that you know a bit more about the services and what to expect, here are a few reputable North Carolina Car Shipping Companies to get you started:

Car Transport America

Car Transport America is located in North Topsail Beach, NC, and offers regional car shipping services at affordable rates. They offer quotes and provide services to individuals and car dealers alike. This company is licensed, insured, and capable of handling everything from your daily driver to your exotic, race, or collector car. When booking services with Car Transport America, you’ll choose between open transport or enclosed transport. Other services offered include motorcycle transport and yacht shipping. 

Long Distance Towing

Long Distance Towing is a division of National Car Shipping and offers nothing but top-quality auto shipping services. They provide a wide array of services, including enclosed transport, open-air hauling, motorcycle shipping, boat relocation, etc. Each of their deliveries is insured, and all drivers are licensed and bonded. 

The best part is that each of their drivers is rated individually after each shipment, which helps the company provide exceptional service. So, when you choose Long Distance Towing, you can rest easy knowing your car is in good hands where it’s being treated like the valuable that it is. 

Coastal Auto Transport

Coastal Auto Transport is located in Hope Mills, NC, and is a smaller company than the other two listed and may have higher rates and longer delivery times. They offer friendly customer service and open transport trucks, so they may not be recommended for exotic or other high-dollar vehicles. Regardless, this is an excellent option for auto transport services if you’re in their local area. 

The Bottom Line

There are many fantastic North Carolina car shipping companies to choose from, so take your time and pick the one that meets your needs! Be sure to ask lots of questions to ensure the agent is knowledgeable with auto transport, and be sure to steer clear of companies that do not offer insurance on their shipments!

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