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How much does it cost to tow a car from Charlotte to Dallas, Texas?

Traveling from Charlotte to Dallas, Texas, will take you about 16 hours in regular traffic, with minimal stops. Now add in bathroom breaks, overnight stays, sightseeing, eating, and handling your family’s needs, and you’re talking several days on the road. So, rather than driving your car from North Carolina to Texas on your own, hire a professional long-distance tow company to do it for you!

Now, most of you are probably wondering, “What is the cost to tow a car from Charlotte to Dallas, Texas?” So, we’ve created a guide to answer this and any other questions we think you may have about auto transport and long-distance towing services.  Whether you are buying a car online or you are actually moving to Dallas, with the current cost of gas you are usually saving a ton of money. More important than the money you are saving the time and headache of not having to pay for a flight, hotel, fuel and your time to drive the vehicle your self. In our fast pace world of Uber & delivery dudes, spending 2-3 days driving by your self half way across the country sounds horrible. Not to mention the wear & tear on the vehicle you just purchased or the time of packing your house to move, why not make the car transport as easy as possible. 

What is the Cost to Tow a Car from Charlotte to Dallas, Texas?

The cost to tow a car from Charlotte to Dallas will vary depending on several things. These things include the pick-up and drop-off location, vehicle type, shipping, and more. Be sure to conduct plenty of research and ask lots of questions to ensure you’re getting the most reliable service at the best price. 

Generally speaking, the cost to tow a car from Charlotte to Dallas, Texas, should be around $1,195. However, this can vary depending on the time of year, cost of fuel & vehicle size. Let’s take a quick look at the factors affecting auto shipping costs. 

The Vehicle Type

The first consideration is the type of vehicle you are trying to have towed from North Carolina to Texas. Is it a small passenger car or a commercial truck? Is it a motorcycle, or is it an exotic sports car? The make and model of your vehicle heavily affect the shipping cost because it depends on the method of transport that can be used. 

For example, a small passenger car can be loaded onto a standard nine-car hauler, which is the most affordable shipping method, but a garbage truck will need to be loaded onto a lowboy or flatbed trailer. Hence, the latter will cost more to transport long distances. 

The Distance of the Trip

Typically, the trip’s distance is one of the most significant factors for determining the cost to tow a vehicle. In this case, we know that the shipment would be traveling from Charlotte to Dallas, Texas, so that’s just over 1,000 miles. As we mentioned, the standard price for this route is usually right at $1,295, but again this can vary by carrier. 

Just remember the old saying – you get what you pay for – the same is true with auto transport companies! So, cheaper is not necessarily better!

What time of year is cheapest to ship my car to Dallas?

What time of the year do you need auto towing services from Charlotte to Dallas? This industry relies on supply and demand, which dictates the costs in most cases. The busiest time of the year for transporting vehicles is the summer months and around the holidays. And this comes as no surprise, as this is when the weather is good, and school’s out, so people travel and their personal vehicles or relocate to new places. 

It’s also important to note that the cost may be higher to tow a car from Charlotte to Dallas during the winter. The more treacherous the trip, the longer it will take and the more it may cost.

Car Towing Services

What type of towing services do you need? Shipping an automobile from Charlotte to Dallas requires about 1,000 miles of travel, which is best for long-distance towing or professional auto transport companies. 

Of course, your local area will be home to many emergency tow services specializing in short-distance trips, but you may have to wait a few days for long-distance towing services unless you live in a big city. 

How’s the Weather?

This factor sort of ties in with when you ship your vehicle. As discussed, the winter months can be a terrible time to try to tow your car from Charlotte to Dallas, Texas, especially if there’s snow or ice in the forecast. 

Yet, the weather is also an important consideration when deciding the type of towing service to choose. Keep in mind that open-air haulers are open to the elements, so your vehicle may become damaged if it’s being towed during hail or sleet. Do your best to schedule these types of services around nice weather, especially if you’re using open transport. 

How Long Does it Take to Tow a Car from Charlotte to Dallas, Texas?

Towing a car from Charlotte to Dallas should take two to three days, depending on road conditions and weather. Worst case scenario, it may take up to five or six days to receive your automobile during inclement weather or if the driver encounters too many traffic-related incidents. 

Is My Vehicle Insured during Transit?

Yes! The United States Department of Transportation requires all auto transport companies to maintain a valid insurance policy. We here at Long Distance Towing go the extra step to ensure that all carriers listed in our network are also shown as additional insured. This means that in the unlikely event of an accident, your vehicle will be covered regardless. Be sure to ask us about other policies for investment or high-end cars. 

Can I load Personal Belongings into My Vehicle for the Trip?

We ask that you do not load your vehicle with personal belongings for the trip. For safety reasons, the Department of Transportation restricts the load weight limit of all trucks, and those found showing disregard for this law are fined and have points placed on their license in most states. So please don’t pack it with a ton of things, most drivers will let you put up to 75 lbs in the trunk if you will tip the driver. Additionally, we are not a moving company, so we are not allowed to haul household goods; we can only transport vehicles. 

Long Distance Towing from Dallas to Charlotte

In the end, the choice is yours. Of course, you could attempt the trip on your own, but we all know road trips are never half as fun as they sound. So, rather than stressing and dealing with travel issues, handle everything else you need to do and allow our professionals to tow your car from Charlotte to Dallas, Texas. When you realize how easy and quick the process is, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before!

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