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    " I towed my truck with Long Distance Towing from South Florida up to Atlanta Georgia. They were professional and the price was fair. If your towing a vehicle over 500 miles call these guys."


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    What is the Cost to Tow a Car From Florida to Georgia?

    Long distance Towing from Florida to Georgia is something our firm specializes in . We tow vehicles as far south as Key West up to any city in Georgia! Our trailers are constantly towing cars back and forth from Florida to Georgia, so we can get your vehicle picked up nearly any day our clients request . We transport all kinds of vehicles to Atlanta including, trucks, cars, motorcycles, suvs, and even golf carts. Our car haulers are equipped to transport anything on wheels and even some cars that don’t have any! All of our car transporters that we send to pick up cars in Florida and transport them to Georgia hold a minimum of $1 million dollars of insurance. This gives every one of our clients no matter how expensive their vehicle is the peace of mind knowing that their automobile will be shipped safely and in the rare case of any damage during transport, their vehicle will be completely covered .  If you need to tow a car or truck from Florida to Georgia you came to the right place. Fill out the quote form to the right to receive a free rate directly to your email.

    Car Transport from Long Distance Towing

    Towing Cost from Florida to Georgia

    • Small Sedan for $455
    • Small Suv for $485
    • Small Truck for $495
    • Motorcycle for $400
    • Large Suv for $495
    • Large Truck for $499