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South Carolina Towing & Auto Transport Services

Did you know that, in 2020, the percentage of households in the US that reported having access to one vehicle (at least one) was 91.55%? This percentage is up from what it was in 2015 when it was 90.82%.

Suppose you’re in one of the many households that has access to one vehicle (at least one), and you’re moving from South Carolina to another state. In that case, you might be wondering about South Carolina auto transport options.

However, if you don’t know how to choose the right auto transport and car towing company, this can be stressful. How can you find the right company to ensure your car is in good condition after the move?

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll review how you can choose the right South Carolina car towing and transport company for you.

Finally, you can get your car wherever you’re moving without having to worry about damage. Read on to learn more.

Get Recommendations

To start figuring out which SC car towing companies to put on your list of potential options, get word-of-mouth recommendations. Ask your family and friends who have moved from one state to another whether any of them hired a car towing or transport company. Then, ask if they’d recommend it.

When friends and family tell you which auto transport companies they recommend, ask them questions about the companies.

Ask whether they felt what they paid was worth it. Ask whether the companies were professional and clear about their shipping, transport, and towing processes. Additionally, ask what they liked best about the company.

Check Out Reviews and Ratings

When you’re in the process of choosing the best car shipping company for you, you should look at the reviews and ratings of the different companies you’re considering. To get started, visit the websites of the different companies you’re considering.

Here, take a look at the reviews and ratings their customers have left them. Testimonials are great, too. If the company doesn’t have any of this information on its website, this can be a red flag.

(However, if they’re happy to provide you with references, you should be okay.)

Once you’ve looked at companies’ websites, go to third-party review websites. That way, you can get some reviews and ratings that are a bit more objective.

Keep in mind that, when you’re looking at reviews and ratings, you shouldn’t worry too much about just a few negative comments or ratings. However, if there are many, take the companies that have them off your list!

Ask for References

Something else you should do, when considering Charleston car shipping companies or other companies in other parts of South Carolina, is to ask for references. If they don’t agree to provide you with references, this is a red flag.

In that case, take those companies off your list. As for the ones that agree to provide you with references, contact several of them to get an idea of which companies are best.

Ask questions similar to those that you would have asked friends and family when asking for recommendations.

Find Out About Payment Types

When you’re in the process of choosing a company that provides car shipping in South Carolina, you should find out about payment types. This is because, often, wire transfer payments can be a red flag. When an auto transport company is legitimate, they’ll ask customers to pay with:

  • A check, or
  • A credit card

However, if a company accepts a wire transfer as one of its payment options and paying by credit card or check is possible, you should be okay. It’s when it’s their only option or they’re pushing you to pay in this way that this is a red flag.

If you come across any Charleston, SC towing companies or ones based elsewhere in South Carolina that do this, take them off your list.

Ask About Experience

When you’re considering Charleston car shipping companies—or ones that are based elsewhere in South Carolina—you should ask them about the amount of experience they have. This is because, the more they have of it, the more they’ll know about how to ship a car.

As a result, they’ll do a better job when they’re transporting your car from one state to another.

To find out how much experience different companies have, you have to ask the right questions. Ask how many years they’ve been in the car towing and transportation business.

Additionally, ask them what the number of cars they transport annually is. Note that, in addition to asking, you might be able to find this information on their website.

Make Sure They Have a Motor Carrier Number

Whether a company is towing a car in South Carolina or any other state, it needs to have a motor carrier number. This is also called an MC. The reason they need to is that it’s something the U.S. Department of Transportation requires them to have.

Usually, you’ll be able to find the MC on the company’s website. If you can’t, ask them to provide it to you.

If, when doing this research, a company doesn’t have an MC, take them off your list.

However, keep in mind that some companies will have an MC, but that it will be fake. For this reason, it’s important to double-check that the MC numbers given to you are legitimate.

To verify the MC, get started by going to the Electronic Records website (of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is part of the Department of Transportation).

Ask About Payment Plans

When it comes to how you pay for auto transport and towing, there are usually two options you can choose from (though not every company might offer two). One of these options is to pay the cost of the service upfront. Another is to pay it in installments.

If you have a preference for one of these payment plans, make sure the companies you’re considering have them available. If any of them don’t, you can take them off your list.

Note that some companies, if you use an installments payment plan, will charge a fee.

Ask About Insurance Plans

Sometimes, you won’t get the coverage you need for the transportation of your car through your personal auto insurance. For this reason, it’s important for you to make sure that the company that transports your car for you have a good insurance policy.

If they don’t have one, take them off your list. Otherwise, imagine what would happen if your car were to be damaged en route. Chances are, you’d have to pay for the damage!

Some companies will say they have insurance, but this isn’t enough. Ask them to provide you with proof that they have it. This will make it so that a scam isn’t something you end up experiencing.

Additionally, review the insurance plan carefully. This way, you can be sure you’re getting the coverage you need.

The price might look good. However, if the insurance doesn’t cover everything you need, it would be worth paying a bit more.

In this case, ask about other insurance options. If they don’t have them, go with a company that does have an auto insurance option that works for you.

Ask About Their Cancellation Policy

Something else you should do is ask about the company’s cancellation policy. This way, you’ll be able to know how long you have between making an auto transport or towing appointment with them and when it occurs for you to cancel the appointment.

Considering that many people hiring these companies are in the process of moving, it can be helpful to have a bit of wiggle room.

Ask about this so you know which ones you’d have to pay a fee for in the case of cancellation or rescheduling. If your moving schedule is very much up in the air, take the ones you’d have to pay a fee for off your list.

If they keep a deposit or don’t give you your money back at all for an upfront payment, you may want to take these off your list, too, depending on your situation. Request all cancellation policies in writing.

This way, you’ll know exactly which companies it’s realistic for you to go with given your moving schedule and need or not for flexibility.

Looking for a South Carolina Auto Transport Company?

Now that you’ve learned about how to find the right South Carolina auto transport company for you, you might be looking for one. In this case, you should go with Long Distance Towing. We’re experts when it comes to car towing.

We offer door-to-door car towing, enclosing towing, boat towing, specialized car towing, and more. To get a quote from us for your auto transport needs, contact us today.

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