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Lamborghini Shipping

While owning an exotic car can be fun, worrying about shipping it to another location is not! The truth is when you own a Lamborghini Huracan, Lamborghini Gallardo, or Lamborghini Aventador; you don’t trust just anyone with it! 

Lamborghini, as you know, is an Italian manufacturer of exotic sports cars that speaks for itself and is synonymous with style and performance. So, when choosing a Lamborghini car shipping company, look for one that consistently performs well and places customer service above all else. The auto transport company you choose should communicate clearly and work hard to ensure your delivery goes as smoothly as possible. 

If you are trying to learn more about Lamborghini car shipping companies and services, you are in luck; keep reading for helpful information you should know about the service, cost, and how to choose the right shipping partner. 

Towing a Lamborghini 

Lamborghinis are luxury vehicles that belong in a class of their own. Since they are rare, most buyers find that they must purchase one from another state and then arrange auto transport services to get it home. This is where professionals such as Long Distance Towing come into play. Now obviously when we say “towing” no one in there right mind would ever just hitch and tow your Lambo any distance like you would see a normal tow truck do if you say broke down a few miles from your home. All of our enclosed carriers are equipped with either a lift-gate or lowered racing ramps to ensure your baby is properly loaded in to our car carriers.

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These industry experts have the know-how to ship your Lamborghini pretty much anywhere in the world, as they service over 99% of places. While prices for auto transport services are rather exorbitant when shipping high-end vehicles across the country, this company offers exceptional service at a fair price. 

Yet, regardless of if you choose Long Distance Towing or not, there are some tips and things to know before selecting a Lamborghini car shipping company. 

Opt For Enclosed Lamborghini Car Shipping

Don’t stress about your Lamborghini being subjected to weather elements that can leave lasting damage. Instead, opt for enclosed Lamborghini car shipping. This service is a safe and effective alternative to open-air transport. Once your supercar is loaded onto an enclosed trailer, it’s safe from harmful materials such as debris, dirt, moisture, and inclement weather. 

And this will be especially important to you if you go to great lengths to keep your Lamborghini looking new. Therefore, you must choose a Lamborghini car shipping company that follows this same train of thought. Long Distance Towing will go as far as necessary to deliver your car safely and quickly. This means you can rest assured knowing your automobile is in good hands!

Plan Ahead

The auto transport industry is based on supply and demand, just like anything else. So, you’ll want to be sure to plan these services in advance to ensure that your car is loaded onto the correct type of trailer and receives the care it deserves. 

Keep in mind that the summer months tend to be the busiest, as the warm weather makes people want to ship vehicles longer distances. And this makes sense because most people ship their cars during relocation, and few people like to move during the winter months, especially in the northern states. 

Ensure Your Lamborghini is Clean Prior To Shipment

One of the best tips you can follow is to ensure your Lambo is clean before it is shipped. Begin by removing all valuables or personal items from the inside of the car. Most Lamborghini car shipping companies will require you to sign a waiver saying they are not responsible for losses or damages to personal items. 

Once you’re confident the inside is clean, do the same to the exterior. Indeed your Lamborghini is currently free from scratches and other damages, and to keep it that way, it’s easiest to notice imperfections when the car is clean. It may even be wise to invest in a professional detail before shipping your vehicle. 

How Long Does Lamborghini Car Shipping Take?

Shipment times tend to vary based on several key factors. First, how far is the vehicle being transported? CDL drivers are limited to about 500 miles per day, so going longer distances will take a fair amount of time. In general, shipping your Lamborghini within the same region or state will take one to three days, while cross-country trips can take up to seven in many cases. 

The other thing you want to remain mindful of is that you want your Lambo to arrive in one piece; thus, care must be taken during the entire trip. So, when road construction, traffic crashes, inclement weather, and so on are present, you should expect delays. Again, giving yourself plenty of time during the planning process can help avoid conflicts and long delays. 

Door to Door Lamborghini Car Shipping

Before choosing a Lamborghini car shipping provider, inquire if they offer door to door auto transport. This will remove the hassle of picking the car up from a local shipping depot, which can be hundreds of miles sometimes. 

When you opt for this service, the vehicle is picked up from one door and delivered directly to another, so there’s no need for added mileage or wear and tear. 

Lamborghini Car Shipping Protection

As we said, when you partner with a reputable auto transport company, you can rest easy knowing they’ve handled vehicles such as yours in the past. So, they have the expertise and know-how to make sure your Lamborghini makes it to the next place in the same condition in which it left. 

If an accident occurs, a high-quality shipper should provide you with enough insurance to completely compensate you for your damage or loss. 

The Bottom Line

In the end, choosing a good Lamborghini car shipping company isn’t complicated, though it will take some time. Be sure to check out reviews from past clients, ask lots of questions, and possibly even request copies of their insurance and licenses. If you’re ready to begin the process, give the folks over at Long Distance Towing a call to discuss your needs. A knowledgeable agent is waiting on standby to answer any questions or provide you with a free price quote. 

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