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What is the Cost to Tow a Motorhome?

Did you know that around 11 million people in the United States alone own at least one motorhome? Motorhomes and RVs can be great for a variety of reasons. After all, you can take them pretty much wherever you want and they give you the opportunity to see places of the country that you might have never otherwise had the chance to see.

But the problem with motorhomes is that you might occasionally have to deal with motorhome towing. This can be quite a complicated task to conquer if you’ve never done it before. However, if you learn a few tips and tricks, you will find that it will become much easier to deal with.

But where should you start? Keep reading more below to find out.

Plenty of Practice

The last thing you want to do is jump right into the task of towing your motorhome. If you try that, you will find that motorhome transportation will be a stressful and unpleasant process. The best way to start is to allow yourself plenty of time to practice.

Instead of towing your motorhome onto the busy road right away, you can try towing your motorhome around a parking lot or a driveway. Doing this will allow you to get the feel of towing a motorhome behind you. This is important because not many people realize that driving a car while towing a motorhome behind it has quite a different feeling compared to driving a car alone.

There will, of course, be more weight behind the car which will make it a bit more difficult to drive and control. In particular, the car will need to work a bit harder to start moving. Besides that, it will also be more difficult to stop the car.

This is due to the sheer momentum and weight that the motorhome has. If you try to stop suddenly when towing a motorhome, you will find that this can be quite dangerous. This is because the heavy motorhome will want to continue moving forward even once the car has stopped moving.

The Details

This can cause the motorhome to crash into the car or shove the car forward on the road. Of course, both of these scenarios can be quite dangerous if you aren’t careful. For that reason, it is important to practice and get the hang of the feeling of dragging a motorhome behind you.

It is best to start by driving at low speeds and then slowly increasing the speed until you are at a normal speed at which you would use to drive on a busy road. Besides learning how to stop and start, you should also practice making turns. You will not be able to turn as tightly around corners when dragging a motorhome behind you.

If you try to make sharp turns, the motorhome will likely crash into or scrape against nearby vehicles or objects. This, of course, will also cause a lot of problems. For that reason, you will need to specifically practice making wider turns.

Wide turns should give your motorhome plenty of space to turn around corners without hitting or damaging anything.

Load the Motorhome Properly

Not many people know that you can go wrong when loading a motorhome. When it’s time to consider towing options for your motorhome, you will need to make sure that the weight of the motorhome is balanced in the right way. If the motorhome is unbalanced for one reason or another, this can become a very dangerous situation.

Ideally, at least half of the weight in the motorhome should be situated at the front of the vehicle. This will ensure that the weight of the motorhome is closely connected with the vehicle you are using to tow it. Besides that, putting the majority of the weight in the back of the motorhome is a bad idea for a variety of reasons.

For one, if you do that, the motorhome will drag at the back and will also throw both your vehicle and the motorhome off balance. This is especially true when making turns or even when driving in a straight line. This is because the extra weight in the back will make it difficult for the motorhome to stay in line and balanced as it moves.

What You Need to Know

Instead, it is much more likely to sway and swerve. This will not only be a danger to the motorhome but it may also put the vehicle you’re using to tow the motorhome at risk. This is because it will be too difficult for the vehicle to control the heavy swaying of the motorhome in the back.

As a result, your vehicle might skid on the road or crash into something. The momentum of the motorhome may also cause the car to shift forward where it could potentially run into another vehicle or even cross into oncoming traffic. Again, the best way to load a motorhome is to make sure that most of the weight is at the front of the motorhome.

The rest of your items can be scattered throughout the motorhome as long as most of the weight is at the front. That way, the motorhome will be far less likely to lose its balance. It will also be much easier to control the motorhome as it moves.

This is because it won’t shift or wobble so much as you turn corners, shift lanes, and so on. It is also important to remember that you should drive more slowly when towing a motorhome behind you. Driving too fast can be a serious health hazard, especially if you have to stop suddenly for some reason.

If you try to stop suddenly, the motorhome won’t be able to stop in time and it may crash into the back of your vehicle. For that reason, even though it might be inconvenient, you should always drive a bit slower than usual when taking your motorhome over the road.

Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional is perhaps your best bet if you want to make sure your motorhome arrives safely at its destination. While towing a motorhome on your own may save you a bit of money, it may not be worth it if you don’t know much about towing a motorhome. This is because you will need to learn how to drive when towing such a heavy vehicle, how to turn safely, how to stop, and so on.

All of this can be quite a hassle to learn, especially if you have a busy schedule. For that reason, if you don’t want to deal with all that, you might as well hire a professional to do it all for you. Professional towers, of course, have plenty of experience in this kind of field.

They know all about towing large vehicles as safely as possible so that they get to where they need to be unharmed and completely safe. You also won’t have to be as stressed when hiring a professional. This is because you won’t be the one doing the driving or worrying about how your motorhome is going to act when being dragged behind your vehicle.

What to Know

Instead, you can sit back and relax while the professionals do all the heavy lifting for you. Even though hiring professionals will cost a bit of extra money, most people find the cost to be worth it. After all, you can use your free time to focus on other important matters in your life.

This is not to mention that these professionals often have the expertise to tow things other than motorhomes. For example, if you also have a boat or another large vehicle in addition to your motorhome, you can always call up some professionals to help you out.

They can tow virtually any kind of vehicle as easily as a motorhome and they’ll take it wherever you want the vehicle to go. This is perfect for shipping your vehicle to another city or even another state and you’ll hardly have to lift a finger while the professionals take care of it for you.

All About Motorhome Towing

There are many motorhome towing options out there. Some people decide that they want to tow their own motorhome, but this often isn’t a good idea unless you have a lot of time, patience, and willingness to learn how to tow such a vehicle. The better option is to hire some professionals to help you so you won’t need to do a thing.

To learn more about how it works, contact us here.

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