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Missouri Car Towing & Auto Transport Services

Did you know that the approximate number of cars globally is 1.4 billion? Additionally, the number of vehicles that were registered in the US in 2020 was 286.9 million, and this number was lower in 2019 when it was 284.5 million.

If you own one of the many cars out there and you’re about to move from Missouri to another state, you might be looking for a Missouri car towing and vehicle transport company.

However, if you don’t know how to find the right one for you, you might feel stressed. Fortunately, in this article, we’ll review what strategies you can use for how to choose a vehicle transport company.

Finally, you can have your car transported from Missouri to your new home in another state without having to worry about damage or other issues. Read on to learn more.

Ask For Word-Of-Mouth Recommendations

If you’re looking for a car towing in Missouri company, the first thing you should do is ask for word-of-mouth recommendations. This is when you ask those close to you—such as friends or family members—whether they have recommendations for you.

Do you know anyone who recently moved from Missouri to another state? They’d be a great choice. However, if you have friends who have hired a company that transports cars across America, they’re great to talk to, too.

When you’re asking people for recommendations, don’t only take note of the name of the car towing and transporting companies they recommend.

Use this as an opportunity to get information about the companies. Ask people why they’re recommending the company to you. Ask about services, professionalism, and customer service.

Don’t forget to ask about the cost. If people think the services were worth it, this is a good sign.

In addition to friends and family, speaking with car and moving professionals can help. For example, if you’re having someone move your things for you, they might know of a good local vehicle transport in Missouri.

Additionally, your dealership might know about good companies that know how to tow a car in Missouri.

Do Some Online Research

Once you’ve started putting together your list based on word-of-mouth recommendations, you should also do some online research of your own. Search online for Missouri vehicle transport companies that seem like reputable companies.

If these companies have informative blog posts, are clear about their services, and have some of the other things we’ll mention later in this article, you can add them to your list.

A big part of online research is also looking at the reviews and ratings of companies. When you’re visiting their websites, they should have some of these you can look at.

However, don’t stop there. You should also visit review websites. This way, you can make sure that you’re getting a set of more objective opinions.

When looking at ratings and reviews, keep in mind that only a few bad reviews aren’t a big deal. However, if a large number of them are bad, it’s best to take those options off your Missouri car towing company list.

Look Into Services Available

To make sure that you choose a Missouri car towing and transport company that’s a good fit for you, you need to look into what services they have available. At this point, you should have a pretty lengthy list of options, so this will help you narrow them down.

There are many additional services some of these companies might provide. These include terminal-to-terminal service, door-to-door service, and crossing borders. Also, some companies will have covered transport options.

If you’re interested in any of these services, look on the company websites for them. Additionally, when you’re communicating with companies, ask them if they have the services you want available.

This way, you can take any companies that don’t have them off your list before taking the rest of the steps in this list.

Ask Them to Provide References

Any reputable car towing and transport company will be able to provide references upon request. If they don’t have any available, it’s best to take those off your list. As for those that do, contact the references and ask the same type of questions you would have asked your friends and family.

Get Experience Information

Considering how valuable your car is, you want an experienced car towing and transport company to be moving it from Missouri to the new state where you’ll be living. To get this information, you can visit the company websites.

The information you should be looking for includes two things. One, find out how long they’ve been transporting and towing cars. Two, find out how many cars, on average every year, they transport.

If this information isn’t available on their website, give them a call to get this information.

Look For Good Spelling and Grammar on the Websites

One of the strategies you can use to choose the right towing and transport company is to look for good spelling and grammar on the websites. If any of the websites don’t have good spelling or grammar, this can be a sign that the company is fake.

It’s also a sign of not being a very professional company. Reputable, professional companies will care about what customers see when they go to their website.

Be Wary of Wire Transfers

Are any of the companies you’re coming across asking you to pay with a wire transfer? In this case, be careful, as this can be a sign of a company that isn’t legitimate and that’s trying to scam you. Most reputable companies will ask you to pay in another way.

They’ll ask you to pay, instead, using your credit card or providing a check. This said, if wire transfers are an option but others are available too, you shouldn’t worry too much.

It’s only if they’re pushing that payment method on you—or it’s the only choice you have for payment—that you should be wary of.

Find Out About Pricing Options

Speaking of payment, you should also find out about pricing options available with the different Missouri car towing companies. Usually, there are two different ways people go about doing this when they have their car towed or transported.

One way is to pull the full price upfront. Another way is to pay through installments.

If you have a preference for either, this will help you to narrow down your list. It’s important to note that, when it comes to installment payments, companies will sometimes require customers to pay a fee.

Review the Cancellation and Insurance Policies

Are you absolutely sure about the date that you’ll be moving? Or do you have a general idea of when your move will be—and when you’ll be available to receive your car after the company has transported it or towed it to your new home?

If you’re in the latter situation, you should review the cancellation policies. If you cancel, find out whether you get some of your money back or none of it back.

Additionally, find out how much you’d get back if you were to reschedule instead of cancel. When you get all these answers from the companies, ask them to provide them to you in writing.

In addition to cancellation policies, ask about the insurance policies available. Often, car transport companies will offer these because personal car insurance policies don’t always cover cars in transport.

If this is the case with your car insurance, you should get insurance through the company. Ask them if they have it. If they don’t, take that company off your list.

If they do, ask them to provide you with evidence that they have it. Additionally, review it in detail. This way, you can ensure you get insurance coverage for whatever you may need.

Compare Price Quotes

Finally, compare the different price quotes you get from different companies. Keep in mind that, if a price quote is extraordinarily low, this can be a red flag. It’s better to pay a bit more to ensure that you get good service from a reputable, reliable company.

Looking for a Missouri Car Towing and Vehicle Transport Company?

Now that you’ve learned how to find the right Missouri car towing and vehicle transport company, you might be ready to start looking for one. In this case, you don’t need to look much, as you can choose to go with Long Distance Towing.

At Long Distance Towing, we offer many towing and transport services, including covered transport, specialized car transport, and more. To find out more about our services, contact us today.

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