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Buying a car online & shipping it from another state

You’ve just purchased a used vehicle. The owner seems trustworthy, and the car looks to be in good shape. There’s just one problem: your car is located in another state.

The entire process of purchasing a vehicle is already hectic enough. It doesn’t make things any easier towing across states. Finding reliable auto transport is easier said than done.

Fortunately, car towing doesn’t need to be another headache.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can purchase a used car and have it shipped to your home address. In no time you’ll have your vehicle safe and sound in your garage.

Why Purchase a Car in Another State?

Purchasing a car in another state offers some potential benefits.

Firstly, you might get a better deal than in your home state. Car prices vary depending on geographic location due to a number of factors. Some states have cars with significantly lower prices.

Further, you might have trouble purchasing a certain model in your home state. In some cases, a car manufacturer may only make a car available in certain states.

Finally, you get more variety. That allows you to better manage your budget, or have more options for purchase. You can use a wider variety of services to evaluate the trustworthiness of your seller.

Why Use a Car Towing Service?

The first question is: why? Depending on your situation and the distance, it might seem to make more sense to drive it yourself.

You can ensure your car arrives safely. You can see the owner in person and verify that everything is in order. Plus, it’s a good chance to see how your car handles in different driving situations.

As the saying goes, if you want something done right, do it yourself. Why entrust your costly vehicle to the hands of someone you don’t know?

Trip Cost

For starters, this could be costly. First, you’d need to travel to the other state. That’s either a plane ticket away or a long drive with a family member or friend.

Then you have to factor in meals and drinks. Lodging may be a factor. When the average motel room could run you upwards of $50, that’s going to take a bite out of your budget.

Gas is expensive these days. Paying for gas the way there and back could rack up a big gas bill. Having a delivery service take it one-way offloads that gas cost to towing companies.

Towing companies know how to get the best rates possible. Shipping costs show a clear price. You won’t have to pay anything extra once towing companies have quoted you their rate.

Car Safety

Car accidents are a very real threat. Distracted drivers on their cellphones present an ever-growing risk on the roads. A long drive increases your chances of crashing a used car you’ve only just purchased.

You also run the risk of traffic violations in other states. Getting a speeding ticket sucks, but imagine when that speeding ticket is in another county or state. It’s more hassle to consider if you have to deal with authorities and pay their tickets and fines.

Car towing professionals do this all day. They know how to get a car from point A to B safely. The best towing companies will have a long list of testimonials to prove themselves.

Used Car Reliability

Driving a car you’ve only just purchased presents a challenge. You don’t yet know how well it handles in diverse situations. You’ll be experiencing how well it brakes and accelerates for the first time.

Add to that the fact that you’ll be traveling at high speeds on unfamiliar roads. That’s more risk that you don’t need.

Further, you want to be sure your used vehicle can make the journey in the first place. You could be having a very bad day if your car breaks down halfway home. That could add even more cost when you have to pay for an emergency towing to get the rest of the way.

Hiring reliable auto transport means your car will be home if any issues spring up. You’d much rather have your car break down near home than hundreds of miles away from it. Calling a tow truck to tow it a few miles is cheaper than several hundred.

Saves Time

Finally, driving the car yourself takes time. You’ve got work, family, and responsibilities. Going to pick up a car and drive it back could take all day, possibly longer.

You can’t get back lost time. Hiring car towing lets you focus on life while professionals take care of things. You won’t need to call on friends and use their precious time as well.

Cost of Shipping Your Car

So you’ve decided to hire a Virginia auto transport service to deliver your vehicle. The first thing to consider is the cost. Obviously, this will depend on the distance from point A to B.

Get in contact to get a shipping quote. As mentioned above, the price you see is the price you pay. A reliable auto transport company won’t come back with hidden fees and unexpected surcharges.

Depending on the distance, you’ll get your vehicle within 1-3 days. There will be 24/7 customer service every step of the way.


We can already tell what the biggest question on your mind is: what if something happens along the way? There’s a chance the car could be involved in an accident. Perhaps inclement weather like hail could cause superficial damage that requires repairs.

Whatever the case, reliable household moving companies in Florida will provide insurance. You can rest assured that any damage will be covered. All quotes are hand-crafted, meaning this is not some generic assurance that won’t fit your needs.

Insurance is an excellent way to get peace of mind when shipping across state lines. A lot can happen between points A and B. Insurance lets you sleep while your vehicle is in transit.

Choose Your Shipping Method

You have two things to consider before shipping: the shipping trailer type, and the shipping location.

With trailer type, you can choose either an open transport or an enclosed transport. Open transports are those two-story open trailers. These are the big trailers that can carry a dozen vehicles.

Open transport is your cheapest option. However, realize that open transport will expose your vehicle to the elements. This might not be a concern for you if your car is used, since a bit of rain and snow isn’t an issue.

Enclosed transport keeps your car safe from any weather damage in transit. This transportation option is cheaper in the long run. If you’re concerned about the integrity of your car, this would be your best bet.

Finally, you can choose where you pick up your car. If you’re going for savings, you can do a terminal dropoff and pickup. That means the previous owner drops it off at the towing company’s warehouse, and you pick it up at the dropoff warehouse.

If you prefer more convenience, you should go for doorstep pickup and dropoff. This means the drivers will take care of everything. They take the car from the previous owner’s home straight to your curbside.

Inspect the Car Upon Arrival

When you get your vehicle, do a thorough inspection. Make sure you have adequate lighting to examine the vehicle. Turn it on and make sure it is running properly, and take it for a short spin.

You should take note of any damages that did not appear in prior photographs. Get documentation and then make note of these damages to the driver and/or seller. This will be important evidence if you need to make an insurance claim or take up issue with the seller.

You can also arrange for a prior inspection. Find a company you can trust and have them check out the vehicle before delivery. That way you can rest assured that the vehicle is in good condition from the moment of purchase.

Find a Professional to Ship Your Vehicle Today

Purchasing a vehicle across state lines can seem like a complicated process. You may have very real concerns about the cost-benefit and reliability of hiring a driver to deliver it. However, a car towing service is a trustworthy, painless way to get your used vehicle into your hands.

There are plenty of towing companies, but you want only the best when towing across states. Contact us today for a free quote on your vehicle shipping.

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