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Shipping a car across the country? You Came to the Right Place! Are you looking for a safe and secure way to ship your car with an actual carrier and not a broker? Are you looking for reliable car carriers or motorcycle towing companies that you can depend on – that works to earn your business by delivering top-notch customer service and specializes in using the finest auto carriers in the country, that provide door to door auto transport service with free insurance included? Cut out the middleman and use our auto shipping services like nationwide towing from our fleet of actual 9 car haulers. We are one of the only auto transport companies with our own network of car haulers that will put in writing in our terms and conditions that you’re price will NEVER change. When you deal with auto transport brokers, every one of them have in the terms and conditions that the driver can change the price or ask for more money & they will than have a customer service rep give you a spiel that “we are just the broker” or “the carrier asked for more money, not us”. Don’t fall for it and speak with your driver the same day you book you’re order. 

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What is the cost to ship a car from Florida to California?

As of October 2021 you can ship a sedan from Florida to California on an open carrier for $1050 to $1400 & if you have a classic or luxury car it will run between $1800-$2500 to ship the car enclosed

Should I transport my car or drive it my self? It’s very rare someone decides to drive their own car now across country now a days. The 80’s might have been the last decade where taking a road trip was something that you would do if you needed to move a vehicle. With the boom of Ebay, buying cars online & the increase of people moving South for more opportunity in business friendly states. Shipping a car cross country has never been easier and let’s call a spade a spade, driving your car from California to Florida sounds horrible. 

Perhaps you’re moving from Florida to California, or maybe you bought your dream car in the Sunshine State but reside in the Golden State and need it shipped back home. Regardless of the reason, our team of experienced transport specialists is ready to help. Long Distance Towing is here make it easy to ship your car to California. However, before choosing a service and carrier, there are some important things you should know.

Open Hauler or Enclosed Car Carrier?

When determining the cost of shipping a car from Florida to California, many factors play into the price. The first is also the most significant, and this is, do you want to ship your car in an open hauler or an enclosed car carrier? 

If you’re basing the decision off of price alone, then you will want to choose an open hauler because the price is generally 40% less than that of an enclosed trailer. Yet, this may not be the best option if you’re looking to ship a luxury or collector car because, during transport, the vehicle will be exposed to road hazards and weather. This means there’s a much greater chance your precious ride will arrive with some paint chips or possibly other dings. Another benefit of using an enclosed car hauler is that most are climate-controlled, so the temperature inside the trailer is regulated. 

Long Distance Towing

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car From Florida To California?

Obviously, it’s a long trip from Florida to California. In fact, if you’re traveling from the middle of one state to the center of the other, it’s roughly 2,800 miles. To determine precisely how long it will take to deliver your car to California, it’s best if you call our customer service team and answer some questions. 

Shipping times can vary as it depends on when we’re able to pick up the vehicle. However, once it’s loaded onto the carrier, the trip usually takes between three and ten days. The duration of the trip depends on if there are other vehicles to pick up along the way, how many miles the driver can travel per day, and other factors such as weather, traffic accidents, and road work. 

What Other Factors Contribute To The Cost of Shipping A Car?

As we mentioned, many factors go into determining the cost of shipping a car from Florida to California. Here’s a look at what to consider:

Find a reliable towing company near me

The car shipping industry is pretty crazy if you haven’t realized that as of yet, trust me you will. You want to make sure no matter which company you choose to ship your vehicle to California, you want to make sure they are a reliable car carrier. Check out reviews on reliable auto transport companies here at Transport Reviews. Companies like National Car Shipping INC are 5 star rated on every review website online.

The size of the vehicle

Auto transport companies have limited capacity and space on each car hauler. Therefore, the bigger the vehicle, the more expensive it will be to ship. As a general rule of thumb, compact cars and sedans are cheaper than trucks and SUVs.  Since transportation guidelines specify weight limits for all carriers, a heavier vehicle will affect the price. When a carrier is shipping multiple heavy cars, this means they are able to haul fewer, so as a result, the cost to ship may be higher. 

Location and distance

As you’ve probably guessed, the further your car is being transported, the more you will pay. With that being said, the precise location of pick-up and drop-off matters too. If you’re shipping a car between two major cities where popular shipping routes are present, the cost is lower than if the vehicle is going to a rural location where carriers don’t often service. 

Seasonality and flexibility

When it comes to the cost of shipping a car, the more flexible you are, the lower the cost of the service. So, if you need expedited delivery, you may have to pay more. The other thing that impacts price is the time of year. Prices tend to be higher during the summer months and lower in the winter months. 

So What Is The Actual Cost To Ship A Car From Florida To California?

As of October 2021 you can ship a sedan from Florida to California on an open carrier for $1050 to $1400 & if you have a classic or luxury car it will run between $1800-$2500 to ship the car enclosed. SUV’s and trucks will be a few hundred more depending on weight. However, each situation is unique, and you may luck out and pay a little less, or you may have to pay more. To get an exact cost to tow a car to California call 800-216-6045 and speak to one of our agents now.

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