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Ohio Auto Transport & Towing Services

The perfect representation of a Midwestern state, Ohio is known for and nicknamed after its famed Buckeye trees and is situated in the heart of America’s midwest region. The state is also home to the nation’s 10th largest network of highways and is within one day’s drive to some of the most populated destinations in America. And this is quite a feat for what seems like such a small state!

Though Ohio might seem small compared to other states, there are still many sights to see and places to enjoy in the state. And while it’s known for its ties to manufacturing, Ohio also features many tourist attractions. 

The beaches along Lake Eerie make for a wonderful summertime experience, while the vast stretches of riversides and forests create many recreational opportunities. From biking and hiking to swimming and exploring all the regions of Ohio, there are many things to do. 

If you’re one of many Americans relocating to Ohio for employment, you’ll need to ensure all of your belongings make it safe and sound to your new home. That being said, you’ll need your vehicle to travel around the cities, so to make a move easier, consider hiring an auto transport service to handle that part for you. 

The following information will explain everything you need to know about Ohio auto transport services. 

What Are Ohio Auto Transport Services?

Auto transport services, also called car shipping or vehicle shipping services, assist people with moving vehicles from one city to another. They utilize special trucks and trailers designed to move multiple vehicles at one time. 

All said it’s generally best to go with a larger Ohio auto transport company for more reliable, faster service. Companies like Long Distance Towing work with a network of thousands of fully insured and vetted carriers. So, while smaller companies with light-duty trucks are able to safely move your car locally, these are not the same services you need for longer shipments, as their delivery times tend to be very slow. 

Reasons To Consider Ohio Auto Transport Services

There are many possible reasons you’d want to hire a professional car shipper to move your auto. From the protection they offer to the time they can save you, aside from the cost, there aren’t other downsides. So, whether you’re moving one car or nine cars, here are the top reasons to consider hiring an Ohio auto transporter. 

Reduces Vehicle Wear

Driving a vehicle long distances places a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on it. So, adding extra miles driving from your current home to your new home may cost you more down the line. And then, consider what happens if you’re driving it and incur a flat tire or engine problem on the interstate. You could be stranded for hours waiting for a tow truck. 

Saves Energy

One of the most significant reasons to consider hiring an Ohio auto transport company is that it will save you effort. Taking a trip to a new state is stressful enough, but making it in your own vehicle can be even more nerve-wracking. Between wasted hours in traffic and the money you spend on food and lodging, often it’s cheaper to hire a professional company to do it for you. 


As we mentioned, auto transport services provide a high level of convenience. Not only will these car shippers pick your vehicle up at your door, but they’ll deliver it to any residence or business in Ohio. And if you have more than one car to haul, even better! 

Vehicle Protection

Another great reason to consider Ohio auto transport is that it offers more protection for your vehicle. And if you choose the enclosed shipping option, you’ll find that this is even more true. In fact, loading your vehicle onto an enclosed trailer is the safest and most effective way to transport certain vehicles. This is especially true for those who own luxury cars such as a Bentley or Rolls Royce. 

Insurance Coverage

A nice benefit of hiring a professional vehicle shipper is that they offer insurance coverage for your auto. This helps ease your mind, as you know you’ll be covered in the event something goes wrong. Just remember to ask about additional protection offered, as well as any deductible you’ll be responsible for paying. 

Saves You Time

Perhaps the most common reason that people look for Ohio auto transport services is that they save you time. Choosing door-to-door transport allows you ample time to focus on the things you need to do. And anyone who’s ever relocated to a new state can tell you that there is a great deal of planning and work involved. So, free yourself of the hassles of driving to Ohio and hire an experienced company. 

How To Choose A Reputable Ohio Car Shipper

You wouldn’t just hire anyone to babysit your child, so don’t just go with the first auto transporter you contact. To help you make a more well-informed decision, we’ve compiled the following list of things to consider when looking to hire a reliable car shipper. 

Ask if they are Bonded and Insured

Be sure the car moving company is bonded and insured. This ensures that you remain covered if the driver or car are involved in an accident during the services. 

In short, be sure to learn everything you can about their insurance policy and what they cover. You can ask for a copy of their certificate of insurance and then review it for what their policy entails. 

Read Reviews and Check Ratings

Most people read online reviews before eating at a restaurant, and the same should be true before hiring an auto transporter. Feel free to also consult with friends and family to see if they have recommendations. There are also many review sites like Transport Reviews that will give clients experience on every auto transport company in the country. Skip any company that gives you a bad vibe, and always use your own judgment when reading reviews because they are often very one-sided. Regardless, reading what past and current customers have to say is among the best ways to gauge a company’s expertise and quality. 

Don’t Hire a Company That Requires a Wire Transfer

Reliable and legitimate companies will offer their customers a wide array of payment options. Most big companies accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, and checks. If a company only wants a wire transfer, skip them and move on!

Make Sure the Business is Registered

The Ohio auto shipper you use should be registered with the Department of Transportation and other entities within their state and local jurisdictions. Take advantage of asking questions to inquire about their DOT number. Once you’ve obtained this number, you can input it on the FMCSA website and review their safety record. 

Nail Down Costs

A legitimate business should have no problem discussing all applicable charges and fees before you accept the service. Any company that’s not willing to discuss specific rates may charge more than you are willing to pay. 

Ask About a Cancellation Policy

Does your chosen auto carrier have a deadline to deliver your car? Will you be charged more for canceling the service?

If you don’t want to be stuck paying the full cost of the transport when you no longer need the services, you’ll definitely want to ask the company about their cancellation policy. 

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Sure, a lower cost is better for you, but not all services are created equal. Don’t settle for a company just because they’re offering the lowest price. As many times it’s only being advertised to draw you in, only to discover later that you have a whole other unexpected bill to pay. 

How Much Does Ohio Auto Transport Cost?

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all price structure for shipping cars. In fact, many different factors play a role in determining the cost of shipping your car from Ohio. 

For example, are you shipping from one city in Indiana to another? Or are you shipping a vehicle from Ohio to Florida? 

Here are the top factors to consider when pricing Ohio auto transport costs: 


One of the most considerable price factors for shipping a vehicle is located. In general, the further you ship it, the more it will cost. Furthermore, whether it’s being delivered to a rural area or a large city will also play a role. It’s important to note that destinations far off the major highway or hard to access will cost more. 


Just like any other industry, vehicle transport also has low and high seasons. What’s different about this industry than others is that you may end up paying the most during their slowest time. 

The busiest months of the year for these types of services are usually during the summer. However, when the weather is bad, and there’s a great deal of snow or ice on the roads, the price can actually be higher than the busiest time of the year. 

Be Flexible

Most customers are concerned with how soon they’ll have their car, so for those in a rush, you may pay more for the service than someone who is more flexible. The best plan is to schedule these services as soon as you know you need them and try to work with the carrier on dates that work for both of you. Doing so may save you some money on the final bill. 

Type of Transport Service

What type of Ohio auto transport services do you need: open or enclosed? If you’re shipping your daily driver, you’re probably fine with an open-air hauler, which is the most affordable option. 

Alternatively, if you own a luxury, exotic, or collectible car, then you’re not going to be okay with your vehicle loaded onto an open trailer. You’ll require enclosed shipping which is a premium service and is the most expensive option. 

Type of Vehicle

Finally, the last factor that plays into the price is the type of vehicle you’re having transported. A general rule of thumb to go by is the larger and heavier the vehicle, the more it costs to ship. Hence, you can expect to pay less for a sedan than you would to ship a Ford F-250. 

How Long Do Ohio Vehicle Transport Services Take?

The time it takes to ship your car to or from Ohio will vary based on how far the shipment is, the time of year, and other factors. However, the average time to ship a car 200 miles or less is about one or two days, while it may take up to nine days to receive longer deliveries. 

A good rule of thumb is that a driver can travel up to 500 miles daily. So, shipments sometimes don’t even make it that far when you factor in traffic, road closures, weather, and other unforeseen events. 

While it may seem like a long time, you also want the driver to take care of your vehicle. If you’re on a tight schedule, it may be beneficial for you to pay a little extra for expedited shipping, as this guarantees pick-up and speeds up the process. 

Preparing Your Car For Shipment

Finally, before pick-up day, there are some things you’ll want to check on your vehicle.FAQ & steps to prepare your car for cross country towing, This includes:

  • Check the air pressure in your tires
  • Leave as little fuel as possible in the tank
  • Check fluid levels and ensure there are no leaks
  • Clean all personal items out of the vehicle
  • Thoroughly wash the car inside and out
  • Take photos of the vehicle from every angle
  • Disable the alarm and toll tags
  • Remove all modifications and exterior accessories
  • Lock the doors and give a set of keys to the driver

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, there are many Ohio auto transport companies from which to choose. For this reason, it’s vital that you conduct research and choose a company that’s verified and experienced. But don’t waste too much time with unreliable carriers. Instead, call our professionals at Long Distance Towing and let us schedule your car shipping needs today!

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