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What is the cost to tow a car from California to North Carolina?

Towing a car from California to North Carolina costs $1145

If you need to tow your car from California to North Carolina, you need a car towing service experts you can trust.

Towing From California

Nicknamed “Golden State,” California is centered along the Pacific coast of the United States. It borders Oregon to the north, Nevada and Arizona to the west, and Mexico to the south.

California’s capital is Sacramento, and its biggest city is Los Angeles. California is the most populated region in the United States, with an estimated population of over 38 million. California is the third largest state in the nation with a total area of 163,696 square miles (423,970 square kilometers).

California is segmented into 58 counties, with 481 cities and towns incorporated. There are five major urban areas in California, both of which are in the state population. These metropolitan areas are Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, San Bernadino, San Diego and Sacramento.

Towing to North Carolina

North Carolina (NC) is a south-eastern state located between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. Diverse and interesting landscapes such as beaches, valleys, mountains and desolate islands make North Carolina a perfect place to spend time outdoors. Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Cherokee Indian Reservation is only a couple of the choices to explore the beauty of North Carolina, which can be reached via the popular Blue Ridge Parkway.

As being one of the original thirteen colonies, NC has a long history with many thriving with historic towns. Charlotte is located in the southwestern part of the state and retains the title of biggest city in the state, whereas the capital, Raleigh has a more central position in the state, not far from Greensboro and Chapel Hill. One of North Carolina’s famous claims is that its coastal area, named Kitty Hawk, was the site of Wright Brothers’ first operational powered flight.

How much does it cost to tow a car from California to North Carolina?

Towing a car from California to North Carolina costs $1145, however, the cost of shipping a car from California to North Carolina depends on the type of vehicle you ship and the timeline you expect to ship. Alternatively, you can calculate your California to North Carolina car towing quote instantly using a towing service online quote calculator to get a realistic fare for your transportation.

How long does it take to ship a car from California to North Carolina?

The average commuting time between California and North Carolina is 5-7 days. The estimated distance for this path is approximately 2,700 miles. Average carriers typically fly an average of 500 miles a day. Expedited service is also available for shipments requiring faster delivery.

How do I tow my car from California to North Carolina?

Car towing from California to North Carolina with a reputable car towing service is as easy as 1-2-3. Step 1-Calculate your quotation for instant car towing and choose a convenient pick-up time. Step 2-Your car is being picked up from your assigned place in California. Phase 3-Your vehicle will be towed to your preferred location in North Carolina.

Difference between open and enclosed transport

Open transport is the most common way of towing vehicles. There are two types of open-air towing trucks available. The bulk of shipments are made with 8-10 car carriers. Smaller carriers carrying 2-3 cars are used for shorter local movements. 

There is a larger network of carrier coverage for open-air carriers as they are used more frequently. We recommend selecting enclosed shipping methods when towing classic, luxury or exotic automobiles. Enclosed conveyors ensure maximum safety from exposure to any open-air elements on the lane. We recommend that you book your enclosed towing truck service in advance, as there is minimal carrier availability.

Towing a car from an auto auction

Many business clients require the services from rescue auctions and other forms of auto auctions. Each auction will have different conditions for the release of a vehicle and we’ll get all the information you require at the time of booking. 

Please ensure that the vehicle is fully charged and ready for release from the sale. Also be aware that if a vehicle is booked as operational, but it turns out that the vehicle is inoperative, there may be extra costs and the original carrier will not be able to service an inoperable vehicle.

Towing a vehicle with low ground clearance

However, any vehicle with a clearance of less than 4 inches is likely to have to be towed on an enclosed trailer with a lift gate. Low-clearance cars obviously cannot be pulled on an open trailer because the car will risk bottoming out when being loaded onto the transporter.

Quote for towing your car

To get a quotation for towing your vehicle, you can either use the instant online car towing quotation calculator or you can call the support line of a reputable towing company to get a quote from one of their car towing pricing specialists. In order for them to determine your quotation, they will need to know the location from which you are towing, the type of vehicle you’d like to tow, and the date your vehicle will be ready.

To sum it up

California to North Carolina auto towing rates rely on a variety of factors. Form of shipping (enclosed or open), timeframe and pick-up / destination locations all have an effect on the cost of towing your vehicle. Prices are subject to change depending on fuel prices, vehicle size (roof rack, oversized antennas, camper vans, nerf bars, side steps, running boards, etc.), seasonal specifications, delivery schedule, method of payment and other variables. An extra charge for inoperable vehicles will be included. A reputable towing service provides inexpensive terminal service or door-to – door service to just about every location in North Carolina from Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Fresno and San Jose a few days a week. 

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