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What would it cost to tow a car from Michigan to Texas?

What does it cost to tow a car from Michigan to Texas?

Towing your vehicles from Michigan to Texas is going to be determined by three factors, towing distance, towing company and type of vehicle. While the cost of towing a car depends on a variety of factors, you may assume that the cost of transporting a vehicle would range from around $500 for quick cross-country transport to $1,500 for some cross-country transport. The total cost of towing a car abroad would be higher. The size of your vehicle can also make a difference in the overall shipping cost of your vehicle. For example, the average cost of transporting sedans between New York and Florida is $650-$850. The same company would charge $800-$1,100 for transporting SUVs, vans and pick-up trucks at the same distance.

Towing your vehicle the right way, steps to take

If you’re looking for how to tow your vehicle across the country or how to tow your vehicle to another Texas from Michigan, the choices you make in these measures will impact your final cost of transporting a car:

Determine how you would like your vehicle to be delivered; two drop-off/pick-up approaches will influence the cost of your car being towed and delivered. Opting for terminal-to-terminal car towing would typically be cheaper. Nevertheless, door-to-door service comes with a convenience that might be worth the extra cost.

Determine the type of car tow truck you want; When it comes to deciding a car carrier, you have the option between open car transport and enclosed car transhipment. Keep in mind that both choices have advantages and disadvantages; however, the choice is made more evident depending on the value of the car you are towing.

Get multiple quotes from different car towing companies; Pricing is a crucial part of the car towing equation, so it is vital to have a written estimate of the vehicle towing. Here are a few factors when browsing at quotations:

  • Insurance
  • Towing rates and fees
  • Delay Policy

Schedule pick up point and delivery station; the sooner you arrange your car towing service, the more versatile you can be, which would encourage you to wait for the perfect car transport carrier at the best possible price for your budget. When you set a schedule, there are a few factors that will influence the price:

  • Time of the year
  • Distance
  • Time of delivery

Prepare the car for movement; just before your vehicle is ready for a tow, there are just a few things you might need to do;

  • Clean the car; Car carriers are not allowed to tow along household items from state to state. In fact, the Transport Department is going to fine the carrier whenever they detect a car full of personal things on their truck. Typically, the fine would be passed on to you (the customer). Towing different objects in your car is not only forbidden by law, but however, the added weight would also increase your towing costs.
  • Inspect your car for possible damage; Take a few pictures before and after your vehicle has been towed in case you need to make a claim for any losses that arise during transport. In the unlikely event that your car is impaired, it is important to mention it on your final bill of lading report. If you neglect to do so, you will be liable for paying the cost of the repairs if you need to make a claim for damages.
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