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The success of an auto dealership largely depends on its inventory. For this reason, the business relationships that exist between manufacturing companies, auction houses, and dealerships are vital because they allow dealers to update and maintain a large selection of available vehicles. However, another equally important relationship is logistics, which is where dealership auto transport services come into play. 

Regardless of operating an automotive dealership with large or small amounts of inventory, you should have a good relationship with a reliable auto transport partner. The right partner will meet both your customer and your business’ auto shipping needs. Whether you need to coordinate vehicle delivery, pickup services, or simply check prices for a specific transport. However, be sure to choose a reputable company that provides exceptional service, customer satisfaction, and competitive rates. Today we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about dealership auto transport services. 

The Benefits of Dealership Auto Transport Services

In today’s world, convenience is always at the forefront, which is even true with buying a car. With social media platforms and other websites providing buyers a look at cars for sale all over the country, it comes in handy to have a method of transport at your fingertips. After all, moving a vehicle to the right dealership at just the right time may be the difference between selling that car and missing the opportunity. 

Here are the top benefits of having an auto transport company included in your contacts. 


Dealership auto transport services save dealers money on what could be an otherwise expensive move. When a dealership minimizes the impact on inventory and its employees, the owner can focus on their bottom line rather than costly overtime wages that they may have experienced in the past. Transporting the car on a hauler also cuts down on the wear and tear that driving the automobile from one dealership to another incurs, which also brings down the car’s value.


For car lot owners, it can be challenging to get a vehicle from one location to another. It takes time, a great deal of planning, and resources that take away from other more critical aspects of the business. By having an existing relationship with an auto transport company, the owner can focus on what matters most while the transport company takes care of the logistical details. From the planning to pick up and delivery, a good transport company makes the entire process seamless. 

Building Customer Loyalty

These days customers want more than just a good value; they want a dealership that listens to them and meets their needs. When an auto dealer can deliver what customers need, when they need it, the results are usually a happy, loyal customer who keeps coming back to purchase vehicles at that dealership. And using a transport service allows you to ensure the make and model the customer wants is attainable. 

The Vehicles Stay Looking Good

One of the first things a customer looks at when buying a new car is the vehicle’s condition. When something isn’t aesthetically pleasing or doesn’t match what they thought they were getting, it can result in lost business. A committed auto transport company makes sure that each car is treated with care and that it arrives looking just as it did when it left the original location. And in the rare event that something does happen to a vehicle being transported by an auto transport company, the carrier has insurance. In fact, each carrier is insured up to five million dollars. 

Multi-Vehicle Transport Discounts

Perhaps the best part is that dealers that need to transport multiple vehicles are eligible for a discount. Whether you’re shipping from the manufacturer to the dealer, dealership to dealership, or the auction to a dealership, those who need multiple nine-car loads will receive a discount. There’s a discount when you ship full loads in bulk because the driver doesn’t have to travel and pick up cars in multiple locations. 

The Bottom Line

If you are an automotive dealership owner, do yourself a favor and establish a relationship with an auto transport company. Though there are costs involved, the benefits far outweigh the expense, and you’ll actually save a lot more time and money in the long run.  


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