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Austin Texas Copart Auto Auction Transport

Are you thinking of buying a car at the Austin, TX, Copart auto auction? The good news is that buying from an auction is an excellent way to get a relatively new car at the lowest price. The only drawback for some people is the need for auto transport after the purchase. However, we are here to tell you that it’s not as expensive as you think! In fact, all the money you save from buying from an auction more than pays for the transport cost.

Today we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Austin, TX, Copart auto auction transport services.

Why Buy at an Austin, TX, Copart Auto Auction?

If you live near Austin or plan to visit for an auction, you simply show up to Copart, answer some questions, and pay an entry fee. You are then free to peruse the lot and see what catches your eye. We have many Dealers around the country that we partner our car towing service with for full car carrier auto transport from the Austin, Texas Copart Auction. We have hundreds of carriers going in and out of Austin weekly doing full and half loads for car dealerships around the country.

But don’t worry if you don’t live near Austin, as you can easily purchase a vehicle from the Austin, TX, Copart auto auction online. To go about this, simply go to their website and create a free account. Once you are registered, you can use advanced filter options to view cars by model, style, color, and more. When you find the one you want, just place a bid and keep a close eye on the auction to ensure you win.

After buying the perfect vehicle, you should already have Copart auto auction transport arranged; if you do not, act quickly! Remember, you only have four free days of storage, so anything after that is charged a daily fee, and these can add up fast! Another thing we should mention is that even though Copart offers its own auto auction transport services, it’s usually cheaper to hire a private car towing company directly.

So, how much does Austin, TX, Copart auto auction transport cost?

Everything You Need to know about Austin, TX, Copart Auto Auction Transport.
As we mentioned, auto auction transport is something you may want to arrange before purchasing the vehicle. Even if you don’t book the service right away, it’s worth knowing what to expect in terms of price. This may make the biggest difference for those who are between a sedan and an SUV.
So, let’s get to it and discuss everything you need to know about Austin, TX, Copart auto transport services.
How much does Austin, TX, Copart auto auction transport cost?
The short answer is – it really depends on several key factors. The best way to get an accurate quote is to call one of our expert agents and provide your details. Yet, to give you a good idea of the factors to take into consideration, check them out below:

How far is the trip?
The primary consideration is how far your vehicle has to be transported. In general, the further the trip, the more you’ll pay. Auto transport services are priced per mile, but the cost per mile tends to decrease as the mileage increases. So, to give you an example, someone transporting a car from Austin, TX, to New Orleans, LA, will pay less than someone shipping from Austin, TX, to Vermont.

What kind of vehicle did you purchase?
Next, the type of vehicle you purchase plays a significant role in the cost of auto auction transport. The larger and heavier the car, the more it will cost you to ship. On the other hand, economy cars and smaller sedans tend to be among the cheapest.

What’s the weather like?
Another thing to consider is the time of year. Summer months tend to be the busiest and cost a bit more, but winter months can also be costly when snow and ice are present. Hence, the best times for Copart auto auction shipping are during the spring and fall months.

What type of Copart Auto Auction transport services do you need?
Finally, what type of auto transport services do you need? To determine the answer, first, think about the kind of vehicle you bought. Is it a daily driver, or is it a luxury vehicle? For those of you who are buying a daily driver, it may be best to go with open-air transport. This is a safe, reliable, and affordable option. However, if you buy a luxury or exotic car, it’s best to pay extra for enclosed shipping services, as this provides the utmost protection and discretion.

How Long Does Copart Auto Transport Take?
The length of your delivery will vary depending on where you are located and how far it is from Austin, TX. To give you an idea of what to expect, to ship from Austin, TX, to a nearby state only takes between one and three days, but to ship across the country, you can be looking at up to seven days or more. For example routes like car towing from Austin Texas to California will take 3 to 5 days. For a quote to ship your vehicle from Austin to any state in the country click here.

Why Choose Us?
We here at Long Distance Towing have over 20 years of industry experience and strive to provide nothing less than the best in terms of service quality. Our licensed and insured drivers treat each vehicle as if it’s their own, so you can rest assured knowing your new automobile is in great hands! Call us today for a free quote!

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