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BMW 9 Series

Will BMW Release the 9 Series by 2025?

Since 2016, enthusiasts have been pondering if the rumors regarding a BMW 9 series will ever come true. But according to some, the Bavarian automaker seems to think their lineup is already expansive enough. It begins with the entry-level BMW 1 Series and goes all the way up to the newly redesigned 8 Series. And considering the demand for cars is lower than it used to be, would this be a good move for BMW? Let’s take a look at what we know about the potential 9 Series, and then you can draw your own opinion. 

BMW 9 Series Features

If the company ever does release the 9 Series, one this is for sure, and that is it will be positioned above the 7- and 8 Series. Several years ago, the project was in the concept stage, so it was far from ever being finalized. Yet, the most likely outcome would be a low-slung four-door sedan with a sloped roofline. They could also consider a convertible model and a large two-door coupe pair as a less likely scenario. 

The BMW 9 Series would share powertrain and significant chassis components with the 7 Series but would have a high structural carbon-fiber content. It was set to be offered with V-12 and V-8 engines and provide an impressive suite of systems such as semi-autonomous driving. 

As far as design is concerned, BMW’s flagship was set to receive numerous styling features from the concept – Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe, and a few others from the 7 Series. Most agree that if released, this car would be a rival to Mercedes’ S Class Maybach. BMW probably couldn’t make a 9 Series that would compete with a Rolls Royce Ghost, but it would give the Pullman S600 from Mercedes Benz a run for its money if released. 

Will The BMW 9 Series Happen?

The potential of a 9 Series BMW is something that’s been discussed for years now. One person will come out with a hint at the model, and then another will shut the rumor down. With so much back and forth and no definitive answers from BMW, it’s impossible to know for sure if it will happen or not. However, they’ve never outright said it would never happen, so it could be one of those projects that they are still working on but have shelved for now. 

However, BMW’s design team isn’t just looking at 2022; they are out further than 2030 and have a lot of plans. The company has spent several years now trying to decide if they want to launch a range of upmarket cars, as they want to appeal to higher-end audiences. This is evident with the release of the all-new BMW Series 8, which is a “new chapter” for this automaker that’s helping kickstart new levels of design. 

And while the 8 Series may not be an ultra-high-end luxury car, it provides the architecture that would most likely underpin the 9 Series. Yet, where the 8 Series is a two-door coupe, the 9 Series would be a large four-door coupe. This could be good for the company because it would likely prove popular with China’s high-end buyers. They would probably also share engine options, which could mean a V6 diesel or V8 petrol engine. And who knows; by the time BMW does release the 9 Series, it could end up an electric version. 

Future Projects

When it comes to marketing, BMW has a nice amount of room to move around because their most expensive vehicle is much cheaper than Rolls Royce’s least costly (which BMW also owns). And as it happens, the company has previously registered many names for potential future models. The titles range from i1 to i9, and then they also have variations of iX, such as the iX9 and iX1. It’s safe to say that these names refer to electric SUVs and cars that can include up to nine models with each name. 

And as Adrian van Hooydonk, head of design for BMW, explained, the i brand’s growth has given BMW the power to emerge into the premium market. This car did a lot for the automaker in terms of acceptance of new designs and technologies. According to him, the i8 opened doors for them that they didn’t even know existed. 

The Bottom Line

While BMW has not come out and outright denied that they’ll ever make a 9 Series, they have also never said it might happen. It may boil down to why bother creating a model that’ll be exclusive to a small market when that market isn’t asking for it in the first place? The 8 Series, upcoming M8, and X7 are going strong and will continue for years to come, so at this point, BMW is already holding all the right cards. 

Since the M8 Gran Coupe was created to appeal to extreme performance buyers who also don’t want to sacrifice luxury, the 9 Series doesn’t do much more for the company. In all of this, we really don’t even know if van Hooydonk was recently even referring to a 9 Series; he could’ve been talking about an i9. Since this car doesn’t come out until closer to 2025, it’s sure to be fully or at least partially electric. Because keep in mind – BMW’s eternal rivals, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, are both working hard on creating high-end electric sedans. 

So, in the end, at this point, all we can do is wait and see if BMW ever releases the ultra-high-end 9 Series. Just be prepared if they do and you want one; the starting price will be over $100,000. Though it will be well worth the money, unfortunately, few will be able to afford one. What do you think – leave a comment below!

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