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What is the cost to tow a car from New York to Texas?

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that everything can change. And this includes work environments, industry, and the public’s mindset. So, what we’ve seen is that an increasing number of people are working remotely and relocating to different regions for various reasons. This is fantastic news for long-distance towing companies, as there is great demand for towing cars from New York to Texas. 

Many folks are deciding that they can work from anywhere, so why live somewhere with higher taxes and cost of living? Whether you’re a snowbird, just bought a vehicle online, or are moving to Austin for a new tech job or lower taxes, you should consider partnering with an auto shipping company to tow your car from New York to Texas. 

Though some of you may be wondering why you’d want to do that and how much it costs, we’re sure that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable and convenient the service is. Today we’ll discuss why you should hire someone to tow a car from New York to Texas and everything you need to know. 

Why Tow A Car From New York To Texas?

The truth is there are several key reasons you’d want to tow a car from New York to Texas rather than driving it. For starters, if you’re out-of-state and involved in an auto accident, towing the vehicle home is one of your only options if it’s not driveable. Next, if you own luxury, sports, or other rare cars, there’s no need to put useless miles on the vehicle. Yet, regardless of what type of vehicle you own, hiring someone to tow it from one state to another is always easier and cheaper than trying to do it yourself. 

What Kind Of Towing Service Do I Need?

So, you’ve decided to tow your car from New York to Texas. Now what? If you’re in need of an auto towing service, you have a few different options. For starters, you can hire a nationwide towing service, one that specializes in towing cars from New York to Texas, or a local towing company that services your area.

Now, you might be wondering what kind of towing service you need based on your situation. For example, if you own a compact car that gets decent gas mileage and is in good condition, you can likely tow it yourself. However, if you’re towing a car that gets poor gas mileage, is in bad condition, or is an older model that is harder to work on, you may want to consider hiring a towing company instead. This is because there are various towing services specializing in different vehicles, so it’s easier for you to find a solution that works well for your situation.

What Is The Cost To Tow A Car From New York To Texas?

How long does it take to tow a car from New York to Texas? The answer greatly depends on the size of the vehicle, where it’s located, and if there are any issues. However, most companies can safely tow a car from New York to Texas in 3-5 days for between $1,000 and $2,000. That being said, if you’re in a rush, you can expect to pay more.

Let’s discuss the factors critical to determining the cost of towing a car from New York to Texas:

Shipping Distance

Another thing to consider is how far off the main route is your drop-off or pickup location? Are you shipping a vehicle from Albany, NY, to Brownsville, TX? Or are you shipping from Buffalo, NY, to Dallas, TX? The trip’s distance heavily influences the price of towing a car. So, shipping from the furthest points of each state will cost more than if you ship to the two nearest areas.

Type of Vehicle

Another consideration is the type of vehicle you’re towing. In general, the smaller the automobile, the cheaper it is to ship. Hence, you can expect to pay less to have a small sedan towed from New York to Texas than you can a large truck, van, or SUV. 

The Time of Year

What time of the year do you need the services? Keep in mind that all pricing is based on supply and demand. So, the more in-demand the services are, the more you can expect to pay. At the same time, just because it’s the busy time of year doesn’t mean that the cost will be higher. Sometimes you’ll find a carrier that has one extra spot to fill and will cut you a deal. You’ll find that winter months and inclement weather can increase the cost at other times. 

Shipping Services

The final factor you should consider when determining the cost to tow a car from New York to Texas is what type of towing service you are using. There’s no doubt that a local tow company will charge the most. If price is a serious consideration, then your best bet is to opt for a long-distance towing company or an auto shipping company. When there is no emergency or strict timeline, the most affordable option is always an auto shipping company that offers open-air transport services. 

How Long Does It Take To Tow A Car From New York To Texas?

When you ship a car from New York to Texas, you’re looking at a 3-5 day delivery time frame. This is pretty fast, considering the distance. However, it’s important to remember that the further away from the pickup and drop-off location, the longer it will take. Also, if you’re in a rush, it’s best to schedule the tow truck ahead of time.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the cost to tow a car from New York to Texas is dependent on a number of factors. Understanding these factors is crucial to ensuring that you don’t overpay for the services. If you’re in a hurry, the best way to stay within your budget is to call around and shop for the best price. This also allows you to compare services to find the best option for your needs.

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