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What is the cost to tow a car from Illinois to Nevada?

There are many reasons someone would want to tow a car from Illinois to Nevada, so you never know when you’ll need the service. Yet, whether you bought a vehicle online, are relocating for career advancement, or are retiring to Vegas, one thing is for sure – you should consider finding a long-distance towing company to transport your vehicle. The truth is that there are many miles between these two states, so driving the car puts unwarranted mileage and wear and tear on the car and takes time from your life. 

Therefore, when you need to tow a car from Illinois to Nevada, it’s usually the easiest and most cost-effective to leave it to professionals. When you consider the time, fuel, lodging, and other expenses a long journey like this takes, it makes more sense to ship your car and hop a plane. There’s no doubt you have many questions, with the biggest being what is the cost to ship a car from Illinois to Nevada? And how long does it take? Don’t worry; we have you covered, keep reading to learn more!

Auto Transport from Chicago to Las Vegas

The primary reason people choose to tow a car is to save money. Shipping a car is much cheaper than driving it, and you can avoid all the hassle and wear and tear of regular driving. It’s also much faster and easier to ship a car, so you can avoid all the hassle and wear and tear of regular towing. When you choose to tow a car, you skip all the hassle and wear and tear of regular towing. A ton of snowbirds or new retirees will buy second homes in Las Vegas and constantly ship their cars from Chicago to Las Vegas during the winter time and back in spring.  Second to Florida, the suburbs of Chicago like Buffalo Grove, Oak Park, Naperville down to Vegas and Reno are one of our busiest routes for snowbirds. What better of a place to spend the winter than Boca Raton? Vegas is probably the answer. Our Auto Transport Drivers from Chicago that do the route to and from Las Vegas are actually some of our most seasoned haulers. The snowbird routes are sometimes booked 18 months in advance so the carrier will go to 1 gated community and ship 10 snowbirds cars & SUV’s at once. If you can team up with some of your neighbors to ship your car from Illinois to Las Vegas you can get discounts for transporting a full car hauler from IL to NV and back.

What Type Of  Auto Transport Service Do I Need?

To tow a car from Illinois to Nevada, your best bet is to find a long-distance towing company to service your needs. These companies generally work with partners all over the nation to offer you quick, reliable services at a reasonable price. This is especially the best option for anyone who finds themselves in an emergency where their car was involved in an accident or breakdown thousands of miles from home. 

Alternatively, if you are moving to Nevada from Illinois, you may simply want to find an auto transport company. These companies offer open and enclosed transport, with expedited services available. 

What Is The Cost To Tow A Car From Illinois To Nevada?

How much does it cost to tow a car from Illinois to Nevada? The cost to tow a car from Illinois to Nevada is largely dependent on various factors, including the size and weight of the vehicle, the distance, and the service level requested. The cost also depends on the area you live in, with some companies offering flat-rate pricing while others charge per mile. We recommend contacting at least two towing companies in your area to get competitive quotes. One of the best and most reliable auto transport companies in Las Vegas is Ultimate Transport 123 and they are at the top of our list when choosing which drivers we want to go with when transport cars from Vegas back to Illinois. Ultimate Transport 123 out of Las Vegas is probably one of the biggest car shipping companies in the country let alone the state & to keep 5 star reviews on all of the auto transport review websites when you’ve been in business over 10 years is impressive.

To help you better estimate a price, let’s take a closer look at each of the deciding factors: 

Shipping Distance

One of the most important factors to consider when towing a car from Illinois to Nevada is the shipping distance. This refers to the straight-line distance from Illinois to Nevada and is determined by your vehicle’s size, weight, and model. The closer you can get your vehicle to the ground, the shorter the shipping distance will be. This means that you will be saving money on fuel and making your trip much easier.

Vehicle Type

The vehicle type is another important factor to consider when towing a car from Illinois to Nevada. The vehicle type refers to the model of vehicle you are towing and will determine the size, weight, and dimensions of the load. This is important to consider because the larger the load, the more expensive and longer it will take to tow it. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you have the right equipment.

Time Of The Year

Summer (May-Aug) is the most expensive time of the year to tow a car from Illinois to Nevada. This is due to the fact that more vehicles are on the road, which increases the distance and time required to tow a car from Illinois to Nevada. However, because of the high demand for moving to Vegas in the summer, you can find great deals on towing services from Illinois to Nevada. So, if you look in the right place, the best time to find a great deal on towing services from Illinois to Nevada is still between May and August.

Type Of Shipping

Finally, the type of towing service you hire will also factor into the cost. Traditional tow trucks that haul one vehicle at a time tend to be the most expensive, as they must collect compensation for the distance, fuel, and labor. On the other hand, many auto transport companies offer open-air transport where your car is loaded onto a nine-car hauler. This is usually the most affordable towing option from Illinois to Nevada. 

The actual cost to tow a car from Illinois to Nevada is $1295 on an open carrier and $2195 on an enclosed trailer. These are rough estimates and can change with the cost of fuel, seasons and basic supply and demand. Long Distance Towing & National Car Shipping INC can pick up any vehicle in the country within 72 hours

How Long Does It Take To Tow A Car From Illinois To Nevada?

Timeframe: If you decide to have your vehicle towed from Illinois to Nevada, you have a few different options for how long it will take to tow your vehicle from Illinois to Nevada. The average tow from Illinois to Nevada takes 4-5 days, but this can vary depending on the time of year and the company you decide to hire. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that towing a car from Illinois to Nevada is a complicated process, and there are many different factors that determine the cost. However, with a little research, you can find the best deal on towing services from Illinois to Nevada and have your vehicle moved without breaking the bank.

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