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What is the cost to tow a car from Colorado to Texas?


When it comes to moving a vehicle from one state to another, towing is a common option. Whether you’re relocating, selling your car, or simply need to transport it for any reason, understanding the cost to tow a car from Colorado to Texas is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various factors that influence towing costs, types of towing services available, and provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

Factors Influencing Towing Costs

  1. Distance: The distance between Colorado and Texas plays a significant role in determining the towing cost. The longer the distance, the higher the cost is likely to be. Colorado to Texas is a considerable distance, so be prepared for a higher price tag.
  2. Type of Tow: There are different types of towing services, including flatbed towing, dolly towing, and enclosed towing. The type of tow you choose will impact the cost. Flatbed towing, while more expensive, is often preferred for long-distance tows as it provides added security and minimizes wear and tear on the towed vehicle.
  3. Vehicle Size and Weight: The size and weight of your vehicle are crucial factors. Larger and heavier vehicles typically cost more to tow as they require more powerful equipment and specialized handling.
  4. Vehicle Condition: The condition of your vehicle can also affect the cost. If your car is not operable, it may require additional equipment, such as a winch or a dolly, to load and transport it safely.
  5. Season and Weather: Seasonal and weather conditions can impact towing costs. Inclement weather, road closures, or extreme temperatures may lead to higher prices due to added challenges for the towing service.
  6. Towing Company and Service Quality: Towing companies vary in terms of pricing and service quality. It’s essential to choose a reputable company that provides transparent pricing and quality service. Research and read reviews to find the right company for your needs.

Types of Towing Services

  1. Flatbed Towing: Flatbed towing involves placing your vehicle on a flatbed truck. This method is considered the safest and most secure, especially for long-distance tows. It’s often the preferred choice for valuable or exotic vehicles.
  2. Dolly Towing: Dolly towing involves lifting the front or rear wheels of your vehicle off the ground while the other set of wheels remains on the road. It’s suitable for shorter distances and is a more budget-friendly option.
  3. Enclosed Towing: Enclosed Auto Transport is ideal for high-value or classic cars that need protection from the elements during transport. This service is typically more expensive due to the added level of security and protection.
  4. Winch Towing: Winch towing is used when your vehicle is stuck or immobile. A winch is used to pull it onto the tow truck. This service is often more labor-intensive and, therefore, can be more expensive.

Estimated Costs for Towing from Colorado to Texas

Now that we’ve discussed the factors influencing towing costs and the types of towing services available, let’s delve into estimated costs for towing a car from Colorado to Texas.

  1. Flatbed Towing: For a standard-sized vehicle (e.g., sedan or SUV), you can expect to pay between $700 and $1,200 for flatbed towing from Colorado to Texas. Larger vehicles may cost more due to their size and weight.
  2. Dolly Towing: Dolly towing is generally more budget-friendly, with costs ranging from $500 to $800 for a typical vehicle. However, it’s important to note that dolly towing may not be suitable for all vehicles, especially those with all-wheel drive or low ground clearance.
  3. Enclosed Towing: If you have a high-value or classic car and want the utmost protection during transport, enclosed towing is your best option. Costs can range from $1,200 to $2,500 or more, depending on the level of service and the vehicle’s value.
  4. Winch Towing: Winch towing is typically used for immobile vehicles and may cost more due to the extra effort required. Prices can range from $800 to $1,500 or higher, depending on the specific circumstances.

Long Distance Towing & Insurance

  1. Insurance: It’s essential to inquire about insurance coverage when booking a towing service. Reputable towing companies should have insurance to cover any potential damage to your vehicle during transport. Verify the coverage details before finalizing your decision.
  2. Hidden Fees: Be aware of potential hidden fees, such as fuel surcharges, tolls, or additional mileage charges. Discuss these fees with the towing company upfront to avoid surprises.
  3. Booking in Advance: To secure the best rates and ensure availability, it’s advisable to book your towing service well in advance, especially if you have specific dates in mind.
  4. DIY Options: If you’re on a tight budget and your vehicle is operational, you may consider driving it to Texas or using a car transport service that allows you to drive your vehicle onto a trailer.

National Car Shipping from Colorado

The cost to tow a car from Colorado to Texas can vary widely depending on factors such as distance, vehicle type, and the towing method chosen. To get an accurate estimate, it’s crucial to contact reputable towing companies and provide them with detailed information about your specific needs.

Remember that the safety and condition of your vehicle are of utmost importance during transport. While cost is a significant factor, prioritize the quality of service and the security of your car when making your decision. Long Distance Towing is one of the few trucking companies in the country with our own network of car haulers. So with us we are actually the ones shipping the vehicle not a third party broker. We are a division of National Car Shipping INC and we have over 6000 car haulers going from state to state on any given day. Shipping a car from Colorado is easy & safe when you go with a reliable carrier! Call 800-216-6045 to speak to a logistics agent now.

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