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What is the cost to tow a car from California to Kansas?

There are numerous reasons you may need to ship a car from California to Kansas. For example, you may be relocating to Kansas, or perhaps you bought a truck in California but live in Kansas, regardless of the reason – you need auto transport services! And Long Distance Towing is here to help ensure the process goes smoothly.

Our firm has over 20 years of experience with transporting vehicles, and we deliver shipments between these two states often, so our pricing is unmatched. Just keep in mind that every shipment is unique, and specific factors affect the cost of shipping a car from California to Kansas. The following guide will explain what you should know about the cost of shipping a car between these locations.

Shipping A Car From California To Kansas

Whether you’re permanently moving to Kansas or simply attending an antique car show, Long Distance Towing will take the best care of your car on our trucks. Our entire fleet comprises trucks that are bonded, licensed, insured, and given a rating following each trip, which allows us to provide only the highest quality auto transport services. The Department of Transportation recently cut down on drivers hours to a max of 8 hours of driving per day so it takes about 7 days to get from California to Kansas

And with this comes one of the most significant factors in determining the cost to ship a car from California to Kansas, as we offer enclosed and open-air transport services. While open-air haulers provide the cheapest shipping option, they don’t offer the protection that enclosed transport does, so it is not suggested for antique, luxury, or exotic cars. 

What Is Open-Air Auto Transport?

Open-air car haulers are the most common type on the road, and you’ve more than likely seen one in the past delivering new cars to a dealership. The cost tends to be 40% cheaper than enclosed transport because these trailers haul up to 12 vehicles at one time, so there are many empty places to fill. 

What Is An Enclosed Car Hauler?

As you may have gathered from the name, enclosed car haulers are entirely closed off to the outside world. Enclosed auto transport is more exclusive because the trailers are only designed to haul up to four vehicles at one time. And while this service is more costly, it offers the best protection and discretion required for towing collectors, exotic, luxury, or even race cars. 

Can I Load Belongings Into My Vehicle Before The Trip?

The short answer is “No,” because carriers are restricted as to how much weight they can load onto each trailer. So, filling your vehicle with belongings is a bad idea because it will add unnecessary weight to the shipment. Not only can this put the driver overweight, but there are safety concerns as well. Truck parts such as tires are only rated for a certain amount of weight, so adding to the load may cause mechanical problems during the trip and cost you more money. 

How Long Does Delivery Take From California To Kansas?

The distance from California to Kansas can vary depending on your pickup and drop-off locations in each state. However, to give you some kind of idea – it’s almost 1,600 miles from the middle of California to the center of Kansas. So, a shipment from eastern California to western Kansas will take less time and cost less than a shipment going from San Diego, CA., to Overland Park, KS. 

Once your car has been picked up and the trip begins, you can expect delivery within about four to seven days. But, this will vary depending on weather conditions, road work, traffic accidents, and other unforeseen events. 

When Is The Best Time To Ship A Car From California to Kansas?

The auto transport industry’s pricing is based on supply and demand, so you can expect to pay less during off-season and more during high-season. In terms of the trip from California to Kansas, the summer months are usually the busiest, with winter being off-season. 

However, it is worth mentioning that winter can be a bad time to tow a car due to inclement winter weather conditions. While the weather is not always great for driving, the cost of towing a car from California to Kansas is usually cheaper during these months. Remember that long treks through bad weather and the holidays can cost more than if the roads and weather are clear. 

What Is The Cost To Ship A Car From California To Kansas?

The cost to tow a car cross-country can vary depending on several factors. Such factors may include: 

The Type Of Transport

As we previously discussed, the type of transport you choose can heavily affect the price. Among most carriers, having your vehicle towed in an enclosed trailer will cost roughly 40% more than if you opt for an open-air hauler. Yet, while enclosed shipping may cost more, if you have a race car, collectible, exotic, or luxury vehicle, then the additional cost is well worth it for the added protection and privacy. 

How Far Is The Distance?

The other thing that can be a deciding factor in how much towing a car from California to Kansas will cost is the distance traveled. For example, pulling a car from one state to a neighboring state will cost considerably less than shipping one across the country. 

What Type of Vehicle Do You Own?

Also, what type of car do you want to transport? Is the vehicle an economy or mid-size, or is it a full-sized truck or SUV? In general, the larger the vehicle, the more it costs to transport due to weight limitations placed on carriers. 

Seasonality & Flexibility

Finally, what time of the year do you plan to have a vehicle towed from one place to another? Do you need expedited delivery? Shipping costs are heavily affected by the demand for the services, so the off-season offers much lower prices than the high season. Also, expedited delivery costs more, so if you’re in a hurry – your cost will reflect this! The more flexible you are, the better deals there are to be had. 

The Bottom Line

Sometimes having a car towed from one state to another is your only option. So, when you find yourself in this situation, our professional agents here at Long Distance Towing are standing by, ready to help. Give us a call today for a free quote!


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