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What does it cost to tow a car from California to Florida?

Towing A Car From California To Florida 

The thought of shipping your car from California to Florida can be daunting. Especially when you think about the long miles you have to cover. The journey of 2700 miles might not be a big deal, you might think. But the journey is exhausting. You have to spend money on gas, lodging, and other resources that might be equivalent to using Auto-shipping services after all.

Usually, Auto-Shipping companies tow more than one car at the same time. So you can be confident of getting low rates to ship your car from California to Florida. Long Distance Towing has weekly routes from California to all areas in Florida with headquarters in LA and South Florida.

Things You need to do before shipping your car.

1. Make sure your car is clean, both in and out. Check for any personal valuables that may be inside your car, and inform the Auto-Shipping company before shipping.

2. For an operable car, leave a minimum amount of gas inside the car. Why this is necessary is because the driver will require it before and after shipping.

3. Make sure your vehicle is government registered and insured.

4. Take note of any relevant damages before shipping. Also, inform the auto-shipping company If any damages you find on or in your car.

Towing from California

California is known as the golden state; it is located in the Pacific region of the United States of America. It is the most populous state in America, with a population of over 39.5 million residents. It is also the thirty-fourth most populous location in the world.  California is bounded to the North by Oregon, East by Arizona and Nevada, Mexico to the South, and the Pacific Ocean to the West. 

It is the third-largest state in America, with a total area of 163,696 square miles (423, 937 km2). Its capital is Sacramento, and it also encompasses five major metropolitan cities. These cities are Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, Bernardino, the San Francisco Bay Area, Riverside-San Bernardino.

Towing to Florida

Florida is a state located in the Southeast region of the United States. With a population of over 21 million, Florida is the third-most populous and the 22nd-most extensive of the 50 United States. The state is bordered to the West by the Gulf of Mexico, Northwest by Alabama, North by Georgia, East by the Atlantic Ocean, South by the Straits of Florida. The state’s capital is Tallahassee and its most populous municipality in Jacksonville.

The Miami metropolitan area with a population of almost 6.2 million is the most-populous urban area in Florida and the seventh most-populous in the United States. Other urban areas in the state with a population of more than one million are Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Jacksonville. Florida’s $1.0 trillion economies are the fourth-largest of any U. S. state, and if it were a country, Florida would be the 16th-largest economy in the world.

Car shipment

Shipping cost varies from one Auto-shipping company to another. To move your car from California, to Florida, would take about 5-7 days. The distance estimate is about 2,700 miles, plus the standard rate for courier travel is at an estimate of 500 miles per day. Long distance towing has multiple carriers that run routes from Southern and Northern California to all parts of Florida. Whether we go down i95 to South Beach or up the turnpike and the west coast of Florida . Our auto carriers will get your vehicle to it’s destination in a timely manner while being as safe as possible.

Towing from California To Florida

There are two common ways in which your car can be towed from California to Florida. These are:

  • Enclosed Auto-Shipping:

Enclosed shipping means shipping a vehicle in a fully enclosed car hauler, it is very safe and offers a high degree of security and protection for your car. Enclosed shipping is more expensive, but it’s an excellent method to ship your car. It costs 40-60% more than open auto shipping.  Enclosed shipping is highly recommended if you want to tow luxurious cars.

  • Open Auto-Shipping:

As the name suggests, Open Auto-shipping is a shipping method that transports your car in an open space. It’s not only cheaper than Enclosed shipping, but it is also widely used across the county.  However, some auto-shipping companies ensure to deliver vehicle cars in good condition. They are also faster to deliver cars, unlike the enclosed shipping. 

This type of shipping can accommodate more cars than the enclosed shipping, an average of  8-10 cars per shipment.

Shipment cost

To tow your car successfully from California to Florida costs $1295 & the price may go up depending on distance from major highway, weather and the type of vehicle.

  • Location: The distance is a significant determinant of the cost of shipping a vehicle. At some point, the driver will need to stop at a point to lodge and eat. This will amount to extra expenses beyond the initial shipping cost, and there is also the occasional refueling of gas. And there is also the problem of the vicinity, either rural or urban. For rural areas without highways, it’s a challenge to get haulers that will deliver the vehicle to remote locations. Therefore extra charges might be incurred.
  • Car type and Model: As you know, compact cars are more cheaper to ship than the bigger ones. The model of the car is also a determinant. And if it contains personal items to be sent alongside the vehicle, the cost increases.
  • Car Condition: Whether your car is in good shape or not is another factor to consider. For a vehicle that is not running, it will require more time, stress, labor, and equipment. It will also need a driver that is skilled in this kind of operation. Most auto-shipping companies use a forklift to load inoperable cars, which increases the cost.
  • Supply and Demand: For different seasons, the demand for auto shipping services change. When the demand for auto shipping services is high, the price will increase. In contrast, when the demand for auto shipping services is low, the price will drop. The price also varies for different seasons. During winter, when the weather is poor, the price for auto-shipping will increase.

Car Delivery to Florida

After shipping from California, you need to choose a pickup location for your car to be delivered. Mostly it takes an estimate of 7-10 days. Also, it takes six days for delivery. Some Auto shipping companies might provide an online tracking number to check the progress of your shipment. After shipping, you need to provide delivery details to the driver, which includes delivery location, name, and contact of the receiver.

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